Architecture proposal for a holistic lifelong health record

Duarte Gonçalves-Ferreira1, Pedro Vieira-Marques1, Priscila Maranhão1, Gustavo Marísio Bacelar-Silva1, Ricardo Correia1


Introduction: The lack of communication between different healthcare providers can slow down the process of caring, produce duplicate exams which increase the cost of care. Personal health data, lifestyle, nutritional and genetic data which are currently stored in a variety of repositories, could help improve the level of care by allowing faster diagnosis and a more personalized treatment. These improvements could also reduce the overall cost of care if it is accessible in a timely manner and with a high level of quality. In this article, we analyze the requirements for a lifelong health record and propose an architecture design for a lifelong health record, scalable, federated and distributed, capable of supplying a simple access to data while still answering the security and data access concerns from each of the stakeholders delegating to them the control on how, when and who accesses their data. Aim: To propose an architecture for the development of a holistic lifelong health record capable of storing data from heterogeneous data sources in a distributed environment. Methods: We will analyze the requirements for the storage of clinical, personal, lifestyle, nutritional, and genetic data, storing symbolic, image, video and vital signs; create use cases based on these requirements and design an architecture proposal. We will also take into consideration security, scalability and authorization requirements mandatory for distributed holistic lifelong health record. Current results: We currently have a draft of an architecture design that we are analysing for possible flaws based on the gathered use cases. We are also researching possible solution for the communication layer of the holistic lifelong health record based on openEHR.

keywords: Electronic health records, Federated health record, openEHR

Poster: Architecture proposal for a holistic lifelong health record