Health Kiosk

João Silva1, Pedro Brandão1, Rui Prior1

1Instituto de Telecomunicações, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto

Aim: The Health Kiosk aims to be a self-assessment health tool to be used autonomously by its users. It is modular, easily configurable, adaptable to the circumstances.
It uses web technologies to provide a fully functional system composed of different components. Features such as text-to-speech instructions, results in a QR Code, printed out results, are integrated into the system. Moreover, the possibility of creating different combinations of medical devices can easily be done due to the developments made.

Method: To analyze the usability of the system we tested the system on a university setting with voluntary participation. The participants were students, teachers and faculty staff. We used questionnaires and usage observation to determine population characteristics and detect usability issues.

Results: Some provided instructions can be simplified to provide a better understanding of what is necessary to correctly manage the medical devices. The experiment showed that some minor modifications are needed. Nonetheless, all participants successfully used the system from start to finish.

Discussion: The results obtained show us that some provided instructions, can be simplified. Despite that fact that system has proved to be functional and prepared to handle different usage types.

Conclusion: We can conclude that this system will have an impact on locations with a difficult access to medical information. It can help to reduce the gap existing between rural and urban areas in terms of medical care, and can also be used with other intentions such as a pre-consultation tool, or in elderly communities.

keywords: Health Kiosk, Medical Devices, Data Collection, Autonomous Measurements, Health Monitoring

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